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Rhinestone Headbands

Rhinestone Bling Headwraps, Rhinestone Bling Headbands, Rhinestone Bling Headwear

Creator of the Rhinestone Elastic Headband and Polly Pony Band

Established 2006

#268 "Fireman Honor Flag"/Fantastic Elastic/Mask/Headband

$24.95 $29.95

Made with the highest quality no fade rhinestones.Offering the largest selection of beautiful,fun,and original designs.Soft T shirt like material,with self adjusting elastic back,fits most.Can be worn in various ways,as headband,durag,ponycap,pigtail wrap,facemask and neckwarmer.The soft lightweight material absorbs moisture like a champ and stays secure on your head.Great for boating,tennis,running,biking,beach,work ing out.Finest product made! Hand wash!

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